Episode 020 What We Learned from Terraria

Episode 020 What We Learned from Terraria!

In which we discuss how much we played Terraria and why!

Games discussed in this episode:

Habitica on App Stores and Broswer

Terraria for Contemporary Platforms

Minecraft on Everything

Battlefront 2 for Contemporary Platforms

Shadow of War for Contemporary Platforms

Player Unknown Battlegrounds for Contemporary Platforms

Fortnite for Contemporary Platforms

Mario Odyssy for Nintendo Switch

The Division for Contemporary Platforms


Sid Meier’s Pirates for PC

Items discussed in What we Learned this Month:

Stu finds an article on China’s social rating system Sesame Credit, and how it is directly impacting the lives of people in that country.  Some Black Mirror shit right here:


Extra Credit Video on Sesame Credit: https://youtu.be/lHcTKWiZ8sI

What we Learned from You Discussion:

Final Fragment of Greg’s email gets read


To everyone for listening!

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