Episode 016 What We Learned From Rock’n’Roll, Racing, Red Herbs and Typewriter Ribbions

In which you the audience learns that unfortunately Chase is not a cat person. Stu is a big fan of old racing games, Chase forgets about as much has he can remember of Resident Evil 2, and we get some great emails that result in even great discussions.

Games discussed in this episode:

Monster Hunter World for Consoles

Portal for many Platforms

Darksouls Series for many Platforms

Rock n’Roll Racing for SNES and Sega Genesis (Megadrive)

Stunts for PC (DOS)

Mario Odyssy for the Switch

Resident Evil 2 for many Platforms but played on PS 1

Chronotrigger for SNES

Parasite EVE for PS 1
Monster Hunter Series on many Platforms

Habitica App for iOS, Android and Browser Based

Stardew Valley for many Platforms

Life is Strange on PC

Items discussed in What we learned this week:

Stu brings up the change to Youtube Policy that basically limits the dollars you can make from add revenue based on how big your subscriber poll is and/or how many times your videos have been watched.

Gaming Disorder isn’t a thing yet, even if the press are reporting on it like it is. Geek Therapy’s Headshots Podcast discusses in Ep. 35:


Waypoint Radio discussion on learning how to play hard games and that each person learns differently and the daunting task of making a game tutorial that teaches everyone:

What we Learned from You Discussion:

Jonathan sends in an email to the show asking what we would put into video games to help a player learn mechanics, which results in Chase and Stu going down some very weird rabbit holes.

Jeff writes in and asks what we think of Nintendo’s LABO project. Chase and Stu respond with optimism and concerns about kids and cardboard.

Shout Outs!

Thank you Jonathan and Jeff for your emails.

Check out Headshots and all the great shows on the Geek Therapy Network.

Check out Waypoint Radio if it’s your thing.

Check out Future Monkeys Podcast and website: