Episode 014 What we Learned from Co-Op Puzzlers!

This shorter episode covers social Co-Op games, specifically Snipperclips and Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, and we dive into how some contemporary games engage us and encourage use to problem solve and experiment while having fun and shouting at each other. This episode is a bit shorter due to some recording issues. Also, Chase apologizes to people who suffer from deafness for not being able to play Snipperclips but meant to say people suffering from blindness.

Games discussed in this episode:

Snipperclips on the Switch

Gameplay Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysJindVKx4s

Scribblenauts for most contemparary platforms

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes for PC

Link to Bomb defusal manual: http://www.bombmanual.com/manual/1/pdf/Bomb-Defusal-Manual_1.pdf

Where is Carmen Sandiego Series on multiple platforms

Items discussed in What we learned this week:

Patreon changes get discussed, but these changes have been reversed so it is kind of unnecessary conversation, but for anyone who wanted to get a loose understanding of how Patreon works might benefit from the discussion.

What we Learned from You Discussion:

Chase Says we have two emails but due to technical difficulties one had to be cut (but will be read in ep 15). We dive into a question from our friend Dan, in which he brings up Loom and the Witness, and asks our opinion on these games and any others that focus on the player learning as a core mechanic for progression.

Shout Outs!

Thank you Dan for your email!

Thank you Fred Rojas and Trees for letting me back on GHX ep: 20, and for being great guys.


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