Episode 010 What we Learned from Master of Orion 2

This episode covers: As a 10th episode special Stu and Chase choose to explore a game together. Focus of this episode is Master of Orion 2 for PC. We also talk about how we unconciously know entire pantheons, thank you SMITE! We also talk about Free to Play, loot crates (Which are such a big deal right now) and emails from Greg and Robert. We also discuss the value of human contact.

Games discussed in this episode:

Master of Orion 2 for PC

Smite for PC

League of Legends for PC

Player Unknown Battlegrounds for PC

Katamari Damachi for PS1

Super Meat Boy for multiple consoles

Binding of Isaac for multiple consoles

Climb your Friends for PC

Fortnite for PC/PS 4

Warhammer 40K 8th Edition for Table Top

Logres: JRPG for Mobile Devices

Items discussed in What we learned this week:

Buzzfeed’s Breitbart article on Milo, Launching the Alt-Right and it’s significance to gaming culture:

Waypoint Radio talks about Milo and Gamergate:


Mexican Soap Opera Star Strikes reporter video:

UK attempting to identify Loot Crates as a form of gambling to be monitored or controlled:


ESRB not interested in discussing Loot Crates or moderation:

Shout Outs!

Geek Therapy Network:


Waypoint Radio and Waypoint at Vice Media: