Episode 009 How About That Local Sports Team?

This episode covers: We discuss open space worlds, absurd games and emotional intelligence, and also how Sports games are so very good at teaching you the fundamentals of a sport through the simple act of play. We get an email that disturbs Stu’s Cat!

Games discussed in this episode:

NHL 2002 for PC

Mario Golf for N64

Basewars for NES

Destiny 2 for Everything

Overwatch for Everything

NFL Blitz for N64

X3: The Albion Prelude for PC

X-Wing/TIE Fighter for PC (DOS)

EVE Online for PC

Divinity and Divinity 2 for PC

Fortnite for PC

Warhammer 40k for table top play

Logres: JRPG on Mobile

Stellaris for PC

Items discussed in What we learned this week:

Potential end to Voice Actors Strike:


Courtney Garcia’s work in Screen Therapy Blog, and discussion of absurd games and emotional intelligence:

That guy whose name Chase forgot. Allowing for access to RPGs

Blizzard/Activision/UBISOFT?, the Shooter genre and dominance in gaming.


Shout Outs!

Courtney Garcia’s Work on Screen Therapy Blog:


Mike’s email! Way to go emailer!

Geek Therapy Network!


Geek Therapy’s own Jedi Counsel:


Joe Gottli, our art Guy!


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