Episode 007 Games Leave our Minds Shaken and Stirred

This episode covers:

Racism in game lobbies and how some people have negative experiences that define how they engage with games in the future, and toxic communities. We talk about small sample sizes and how games might affect the brain (but is this source reliable?). We also discuss learning how to break games with third party tools. We discuss how loot crates is the new collectable card game of gaming. How can we learn to overcome the money making practices of loot crate culture? Lastly, education can really help folks understand why being a Nazi isn’t great.

Games discussed in this episode:

Super Mario Bros. 3 for NES


Player Unknown Battle Grounds for PC (early access)

Fortnite for PC and PS4 (early access)

Rebuild for PC

Items discussed in What we learned this week:

The Phisological effects of gaming on the brain and the hippocamus article:


Please note that the very small sample size and the fact that this is correlational data means that this article should not be taken seriously. This type of experiment needs to be replicated, at larger sample sizes, with a larger percentage of both genders represented. Until then, though interesting this article represents poor media practices to get clicks and not accurate coverage of scientific discoveries by the media.

Open AI beats some of the best DOTA 2 players:


Shout Outs!

Retronauts Super Mario Bros. 3 Episode:


Check out SMITE if you like 3rd Person MOBAs with skill based mechanics:

Ghostbusters 1 shock scene! Please note that this is bad science.