Episode 006 Now We Know Where to Find the Professionals

This episode covers:

We get an email from Josue Cardona in which he tries to answer what he can intelligently, and we fumble through it. We also talk MUD’s (Multi-User Dungeons), the progressive party options in the Final Fantasy Legend series, how Chase responded to the choice of race and gender as a child, and how there are a whole bunch of cool podcasts out there with people using games for good,

Games discussed in this episode:

Ancient Anguish For Web Browers

Final Fantasy Tactics for PS

Ultima Online Shards on PC

Final Fantasy Legend II for Nintendo Gameboy

TSR Dungeon and Dragons games for DOS/PC
Albion Online for PC

Rebuild 3 for PC

Blaze Blue Centralfiction for PC

Space Tyrant for PC

Dark Age Miniatures Game for Table Top

Items discussed in What we learned this week:

Josue Cardona’s email relating to screen time, pursuing experts and understanding how much is too much or just the right amount of gaming for a child (or anyone).

Games Saved my Life


Shout Outs!

+7 Intelligence, a Podcast about how games can change the world


Josue and the whole crew at The Geek Therapy Network and it’s many parts


Gaming History X, thank you Fred and Trees for having me, check out the episode here:


Ash at Guerrilla Miniature Games