Episode 005 When our brains were not made of stone

This episode covers:

The developmental moments in our lives and what a young child can learn from gaming, as well as how the games we play as we grow older inform our gaming vocabulary. The question of how young is too young to play games, followed by a discussion of 13 Reasons Why (Spoilers), as well as why Final Fantasy 4 was so significant to Chase, Stu is not a fan of Sesame Street, and we all need to remember that for some people the little things matter.

Final Fantasy 2/4 for SNES

Warframe for the PC and other Platforms

The Lost Vikings for Multiple Platforms, but PC, SNES in particular

Final Fantasy VII for PS

Salt and Sanctuary for PC

Dreanought for PC

Master Blaster Zero for 3DS and Switch

Etrian Odyssey 2 for DS

Saiyan Warriors: Dream Squad for Mobile

SMITE (again) for PC

Items discussed in What we learned this week:

Summer Games Done Quick:


When childern learn to play, an article about a child and learning from video games: My Five Year Old Learned More from playing video games than from watching sesame street

We discuss Netflix and 13 Reasons Why and try to remember being a teenager.


Warframe goes Open World with Plains of Eidolon Expansion


Shout Outs!

Extra Credits discusses Experiencing Trauma as explored in Injustice 2:

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