Episode 000 The ALPHA

This episode was a test and it wears that on it’s poor audio sleeve. You can hear heavy breathing because Chase had his microphone gain turned way up, you can hear him fidgetting all the time and there is a pretty harsh echo going on too. There are stalls where people get hung up on the show notes and reading off the page. Also weird swears at the beginning and even weirder swears at the end (thanks Stu). There is a general lack of preparedness as unexpected things come up and thoughts get derailed or lost in the mix.  A messy first attempt but one that taught us alot about what we want out of our own podcast.

To properly understand the items we are referencing in this episode it is recommended that you refer to the show notes below if something comes up and we don’t explain it.  Give this one a listen if you dare and tell us if you feel we’ve made any improvements.

This Episode Covers:

Legend of Zelda for the NES

Sid Meier’s Colonization for the PC

The names of books discussed in this episode are the following:

James Paul Gee: What Video Games have to Teach us about Learning and Literacy originally published in 2003, with a reprint from 2014. Chase is reading the revised edition.

Discussion on Video Games a Olympic Sports was blown out of proportion, but the original article is here. Asia as a continenet is taking gaming seriously and including it in international competition helps legitimize this practice:


Twin Perfect Video from Youtube on Legend of Zelda: Why you’re WRONG about The Legend of Zelda


Shout Out Items

White Box Kickstarter:

SNES/Super Famicom Visual Compendium: