Game together.  Learn together.  Grow together.

Our Mission

We at Learned From Gaming believe that gaming can have a valuable impact on a person's life and that video games have helped shape the types of people we are today.  Our hope is that by expressing our opinions to you we can be constructive to gaming culture as a whole, and promote optimism and enthusiasm within a passtime that is too often considered just a hobby.

Each podcast segment will be dedicated to a collection of games of the hosts' choosing, where we discuss what might be learned from the game, why this is significant but also what makes the game fun.

Additionally, we wish to help create an oral history of video games, often talking about and exploring aspects of gaming that some of our viewers may be too young to have ever witnessed.

In all, The Learned from Gaming Podcast is a labour of love created for fun with the intention of exploring the intrinsic educational value of video games, both old and new.  We hope you enjoy listening.

The Learned From Gaming Podcast Team

Here are the people behind the Learned From Gaming Podcast as well as this website.

Chase Strolenberg


Chase has never lived in a home without video games, and he feels that he has matured with the industry as a whole. He remembers having an Intellivision as a child and then a Nintendo and grew up deeply immersed in the console wars. His adoration and enthusiasm for video games has since become bipartisan, as he learned at a young age not to judge a game by what system it was on, but by the quality of the game itself. Chase has a University degree in English Literature and specializes in Technical Writing, and also has experience volunteering in psychology labs focused on acquired brain injury. He now makes a hobby of using his critical thinking skills and experience to analyze all kinds of games and how people interact with them.

Stu Gritter


Stu has been an avid gamer since a very young age as he grew up with PCs such as a VIC-20 and a Commodore-64.  Now equally passionate to learn about the implications of gaming as he is about a good old fashioned headshot he intends to bring his analytical tools to bear on the gaming culture he loves.  Holding three university degrees in English, Computer Sciences, and Interactive Arts & Sciences and with several gaming and educational technology projects completed he has endured the start-to-finish experience of many gaming projects as an academic, a developer, and a consumer.  It's a crazy world out there -- and let's be honest... partly Stu's fault -- but maybe we can make some sense of it together.